Click, click, Ecobrick!

By: Hallie Brennan | November 2, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering into a judgement free zone, because I’m about to share with you the things I’ve purchased over the internet in the last 30 days:

1 vacuum cleaner

12 sharpie markers

1 bag of dog vitamins

1 roll of glassine paper

12 quartz crystals

Copper wire

Jewelry beads set

1 pair of booties

2 sweaters (it’s Fall, I buy these instead of pumpkin-spiced things…)

Convenience is king, and as a result the online retail world is unstoppable.  By now I think it’s safe to assume everyone has purchased an item over the internet.  It’s easy, care-free, and gives opportunity for the world’s millions of products to be delivered to our doorsteps… Click, click, new vacuum cleaner!

How is this not the best thing since sliced bread?  Well, plastic.  Ordering a product online almost always goes along with shipping that same product.  By the time our purchase magically makes it to our doorstep it’s often times wrapped in plastic, or in a box stuffed with plastic, bubble-wrapped plastic, styrofoam peanuts, plastic packing tape, plastic bags, saran wrap like stuff wrapping more plastic objects to cardboard… It makes you wonder just how many accidents shipping companies have had with broken purchases delivered to doorsteps so that now everything is jumbo-plastic-beans-bubbles-boxes galore!

Alright ladies and gentlemen it’s time to enter into a guilt free zone.  We may be eco-conscious, but the directions of society and the economy often make it difficult to keep up with environmentally conscious living.   We deserve to enjoy convenience, and a little retail therapy every once in a while, too.  Rather than completely banning things from our lives, lets find ways to utilize what we’ve got.  What do we got?  Loovvvvin’  But also plastic waste.  Order the sweaters and booties, vitamins, and vacuum cleaners (consciously, por favor) but remember, almost all of that material your new purchase is delivered in is ecobrickable!


Pro tip: Pop the bubbles of the bubble-wrap before ecobricking.  Help the environment and find mild stress relief at the same time.   You’re welcome, pal.

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