Upcycle Santa Fe can assist you in getting the most out of your waste stream. We currently offer consultation services and a limited plastic upcycling program for businesses. We are at work to get our plastic waste upcycling technologies verified, so that we may offer extensive plastic waste upcycling.

Upcycle Santa Fe can work with your business to identify ways that you can produce less waste in the first place, and furthermore utilize or upcycle the waste that you do produce. With innovative waste management programs on the rise in Santa Fe, there are many ways to reduce and upcycle your businesses’ footprint.

Our process includes waste audits, product sourcing research, and reporting on maximum resource diversion and recovery.  We will work to identify and establish upcycling opportunities for certain materials with local businesses.

If you represent a business and are interested in consultation services or future upcycling programs then please contact us at info@upcyclesantafe.org