SunPower Vs. Momentum Solar: Which Is Better?

SunPower Vs. Momentum Solar: Which Is Better?

Here’s what we’ll cover in this solar provider comparison:

  • Is SunPower or Momentum Solar better for solar panels?
  • Which company is more expensive: SunPower or Momentum Solar?
  • Does SunPower or Momentum Solar have better warranty coverage?
  • And much more

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With the solar industry booming throughout the country, homeowners have more options than ever before for solar installers. The one you choose will affect your present costs, long-term savings on home energy bills, warranty coverage and more.

Along with companies like Tesla Solar, Blue Raven, SunRun and ADT Solar, SunPower and Momentum Solar are two of the best solar companies that serve customers across the U.S. 

Choosing between these two providers can be challenging, especially since there’s so much information on each to sift through.

In this article, we’ll compare SunPower and Momentum Solar, provide crucial information on their offerings and value and explain why we recommend SunPower over Momentum for most homeowners.

Overview: SunPower Vs. Momentum Solar

Since SunPower and Momentum Solar have such widespread popularity and serve large areas, many homeowners will likely consider one or both of these top solar companies at some point in their solar ventures. We think it’s important to compare these brands and provide some insight into which is a better choice overall.

Company Brand Is Best For Price Warranty Coverage States Served BBB Rating Payment Options Solar Services Offered
SunPower Overall quality and system performance $$$$ 25-year equipment, production and workmanship warranties 50 states A+ Cash, solar loan, lease, PPA Solar panels, backup battery and EV charger installations; solar system monitoring
Momentum Solar Regional and more personalized experience $$$ 25-year equipment and workmanship warranties 11 states A+ Cash, solar loan, lease, PPA Solar panels and backup battery installations

SunPower Overview

SunPower has been around since solar power really started taking root in the U.S. Since it was founded in 1985, it has poured money into solar product research and now installs some of the most efficient panels in the industry.

SunPower is well known for its high-quality panels but also its industry-leading warranty coverage. Despite its size, it still maintains a good reputation for customer communication and responding to warranty claims in a timely manner.

SunPower is more costly than most other companies, but the quality of the money is outstanding.

Momentum Solar Overview

Momentum Solar is significantly smaller than SunPower, acting more as a regional company than a national one. Its service area covers 11 states clustered in the West, South, and Northeast.

Momentum is unique because it offers concierge service that helps keep customers up to date with the installation process, boosting the company’s reputation for customer support and service.

Momentum Solar’s project managers are also highly trained and knowledgeable about local solar incentives. They can often help customers take advantage of the federal tax credit, local rebates, and other solar incentives.

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Momentum Solar

Best Regional Coverage

Regional Service

EcoWatch rating

Average cost


  • Great warranty coverage
  • Concierge service ensures steady communication
  • Representatives are experts on local policies


  • Slightly limited service offerings
  • Only available in 11 states

Cost Comparison: SunPower Vs. Momentum Solar

The average solar panel system in the U.S. costs around $29,970 before any incentives, but the solar installer you choose can swing that price up or down by thousands of dollars. In the following sections, we’ll discuss how SunPower and Momentum Solar compare in terms of affordability and financing options.

Costs and Financing Options

One reason prices among solar panel companies differ is the quality of the equipment each provides. For example, SunPower installs Maxeon solar panels, which have the highest efficiency rating available in the industry so SunPower’s services will naturally be more expensive than an installer that offers lower-quality equipment.

Differences in labor charges can also sway installation costs quite a bit. Larger companies that outsource the installation to third parties can sometimes be more affordable because of lower labor costs. Smaller companies with in-house installation teams tend to be a bit more expensive.

Finally, the financing options available can influence your system costs and long-term savings as follows:

  • Cash purchase: High cost up front but maximum long-term savings
  • Solar loan: Low cost up front and good long-term savings
  • Solar lease: Little to no up-front cost but minimal long-term savings
  • Power purchase agreement (PPA): Little to no up-front cost but minimal long-term savings

Which Company is Cheapest, SunPower or Momentum Solar?

Momentum Solar is more affordable overall and its prices usually come in at around the average for the area. SunPower’s prices are slightly above average and will almost always be more than Momentum Solar.

It’s important to keep quality in mind when comparing prices. SunPower provides panels with higher energy efficiency as well as a lengthier and more comprehensive warranty.

Our Pick For Best by Cost – Momentum

SunPower Solar comes with higher costs because its equipment is so efficient and highly rated. Momentum Solar is the more affordable option. Both companies work with cash, loans, leases, and PPAs, so they provide the same accessibility to property owners.


Credit: Mohamed Hassan / Pixabay

Warranties Offered: SunPower Vs. Momentum Solar

Solar warranties help protect what is likely a major investment in renewable energy for your home. The longer the warranty and the more it covers, the better it is and the more it’s worth.

SunPower is well known in the industry for having one of the best product warranties. It covers the equipment (including panels, microinverters, and solar batteries), power production, and installation workmanship for 25 years.

Momentum Solar offers the manufacturer’s warranty — which is usually between 10 and 25 years — plus its own 25-year warranty for equipment and workmanship.

Our Pick For Best Warranties – SunPower

SunPower is the clear winner in terms of warranty coverage. It provides everything Momentum Solar does, plus 25 years of coverage for the energy production of its panels to ensure they meet your energy needs.

Coverage Area: SunPower Vs. Momentum Solar

The coverage area of a solar panel installation company should be one of the first things you look at when deciding on an installer. The footprint can determine if the company can serve you or not. Larger coverage areas are generally better because they mean more customers can benefit from the company’s services.

SunPower is a national solar installer that serves all 50 states through third-party installers. Momentum Solar is much smaller and uses an in-house installation team. Momentum services only the following 11 states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas

Our Pick For Best Coverage Area – SunPower

SunPower is, once again, the clear winner when it comes to coverage area. It serves the entire nation, while Momentum serves only 11 states.

Solar Panel Performance: SunPower Vs. Momentum Solar

The performance and efficiency rating of your solar panels is crucial to consider as well. Generally, speaking, panels that perform better will be more expensive, but they also tend to save you money on your electric bills via net metering over time.

SunPower only installs low-profile Maxeon solar panels, which have the highest energy efficiency rating — 22.7% — and one of the slowest degradation timelines among all photovoltaic panel manufacturers. These panels are unmatched in terms of quality and consistency.


Momentum Solar doesn’t specify which equipment it installs, although it does mention that it only offers tier-one monocrystalline solar panels. These typically include Tesla (panels, not the solar roof shingles) Qcells, Panasonic, Canadian Solar, and more. Still, the efficiency of the panels won’t be as high as that of SunPower.

Momentum also offers the Enphase IQ and Tesla Powerwall II, two of the best solar batteries on the market.

Our Pick For Best Panel Performance – SunPower

SunPower has unmatched solar panel performance, so this company comes out on top when considering panel efficiency, power output, and durability. 

SunPower also provides an app that lets you monitor your solar system’s performance. Check out the video to learn more.

Customer Experience: SunPower Vs. Momentum Solar

While the customer service provided typically won’t have an effect on your pricing, it’s still an important consideration when choosing a solar provider. Most importantly, it can be the difference between a warranty claim getting a response in a timely manner or with excessive delays.

In the sections below, we’ll discuss how customers perceive these two solar installation companies and what kind of experience you can expect from each.

What Customers Say About SunPower

SunPower might be an enormous company, but it still maintains mostly positive customer reviews and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This really says something about how it treats its customers.

The positive reviews for SunPower mention things like:

  • Great communication throughout the entire installation process
  • Fast responses to warranty claims
  • Help understanding and taking advantage of solar incentives, including the federal tax credit
  • The knowledgeability and professionalism of the installation team

Of course, there are some negative reviews as well. Most mention that there are sometimes issues with communication within the company due to its size. These sometimes lead to delays in installation and connecting the solar power system to the grid, as well as confusion among the different departments within the company.

Below are some online reviews that tell both sides of the story.

“We had solar installed on our new home through SunPower as part of the build process, and they’ve been absolutely top-notch through the whole experience. They took the initiative to reach out the day after we closed to get us activated with the utility company. Our experience has been so stellar that we’ve reached out to SunPower for our energy storage needs and will definitely sign with them. Keep up the great work!” — Joshua O. via Yelp

“Terrible company to work with. I purchased new construction so I didn’t have an option to choose a different provider for solar. The [solar energy system] was not installed at the close of escrow. Had to wait 6 weeks for them to finally come out. The roof panels weren’t all connected so had to schedule another appointment. Kept pushing me out for appointments. The whole process took a long time and was not a pleasant experience. Wouldn’t recommend them.” — J.D. via Yelp

What Customers Say About Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar also has a good reputation when it comes to installation and general customer service. There are plenty of positive comments about the following:

  • Help taking advantage of local rebates and solar incentives
  • Knowledgeability of the entire crew
  • Great communication thanks to the solar concierge service
  • Good support after installation for warranty claims

The company has quite a few negative reviews as well, most of which are related to the sometimes pushy sales tactics used to get business. Some customers have also had problems with delayed installations and missed appointments, which are attributed to the company’s size.

Below are some reviews that should give you an idea of the kind of service you can expect from Momentum.

I receive up to 3 phone calls a day from them even though I have asked repeatedly to stop calling. It is harassment at this point. If you block their number, the company generates a new number and continues with the harassment. There is a class action lawsuit against their behavior and I see they continue with the same practice.” — Neftali O. via BBB

Momentum was the easiest solar company to work with. They weren’t too small and they aren’t the “big guys” either. No middlemen. I dealt with them for the system purchase and the installation. To this day I still keep in contact.” — Anthony L. via BBB

Our Pick for Best Customer Experience – SunPower

Both companies are capable of providing high-quality customer service, but SunPower has more positive reviews and ranks higher in terms of customer care. We’d have to choose SunPower for overall customer experience.

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Final Verdict: SunPower vs. Momentum Solar

SunPower and Momentum Solar are two of the best solar companies in the industry that serves multiple states. However, we’d recommend SunPower over Momentum for most solar customers. The table below provides some information on how these companies compare.

Our Top Pick: SunPower

Overall, we’d recommend SunPower over Momentum Solar. SunPower comes at a higher cost, but it offers superior warranty coverage, higher-efficiency solar panels, and a larger service area that covers far more customers. Both companies are great options that each have their drawbacks, but SunPower outranks Momentum where it counts most.


The cost information presented in this article is derived from a comprehensive analysis, incorporating data from multiple industry sources. The average cost per watt per state was calculated based on figures from Consumer Affairs, Energy Sage, and Berkeley Lab’s Electricity Markets & Policy Department. Additionally, monthly energy consumption and the average monthly cost of electricity were sourced from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, ensuring a well-rounded and accurate representation of the information presented.

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Comparing authorized solar partners

EcoWatch rating
Average cost
BBB Rating
Year founded
Service Area
Brands of Solar Equipment Offered
Warranty Coverage
  • 4.5
    • Great warranty coverage
    • Concierge service ensures steady communication
    • Representatives are experts on local policies
    • Slightly limited service offerings
    • Only available in 11 states
    Best Regional Coverage
    Q Cells, REC, Trina Solar, Jinko Solar, Canadian Solar and others depending on location
    25-year manufacturer and workmanship warranties

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